was first introduced to China’s western fast food is the form of hamburger chips. As we did not eat at a young age, because of the limited conditions of development, there is no hamburger shop in our place. But now the situation is completely different, where you can see the Western burger shop. Hamburg is one of the oldest western fast food brands. Founded in 1999, we spent more than 2000 years in the country’s 32 provinces have more than 15 branches, has become a leader in China’s fast food industry. So how do you get a burger?

how do you get a burger? Introduction to the introduction of Hamburg Hamburg process:

step 1, join the application

welcome to call us, and to visit the headquarters of Le Le Hamburg, interested parties to fill in the application form submitted to the headquarters of the Le Hamburg, the headquarters of the audit to give a clear answer;

step two, signing the contract

the two sides will be of mutual benefit, equality, integrity and win-win principle, signed a formal "Pala join contract", the franchisee to Pala headquarters headquarters will pay the contract, for the franchisee for the authorization issued by the authorized plaque;

step three, store preparation

Le Hamburg headquarters has a person in charge of the guidance of the school to join the Hamburg Hamburg unified standard store decoration and store settings;

step four, opening guidance

headquarters will be sent to Hamburg Hamburg shop manager, the clerk of the system of professional training, to ensure that the music burger franchise quickly into the normal operation period, rapid profit;

step five logistics distribution

The headquarters of the

to Pala franchisees to provide the first distribution proposal. The store is ready, send a burger to join the business one week ahead of time to inform the headquarters of the phone, the headquarters will be in a timely manner to the consignment of goods to your designated location;

step six, the official business

goods shelves, personnel in place, Le Hamburg headquarters will provide professional pre advertising campaign publicity and promotional activities recommended stores. After the opening, the headquarters of the headquarters of the sale of Le Le Le service and marketing guidance will be followed by a regular promotional activities, free distribution terminal promotional items.

believes that through the introduction of more than you have to join this Pala project have a simple understanding of the brand, if you want to know what other problems to join in our website, please leave > below

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