we all know that the choice of lighting projects, with a very high popularity of the project, is always a market opportunity. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join qianrui lighting which join the support? Let’s take a look at it!

Gan Rui lighting meticulous support, so that you succeed in business, the top of the lamp, no worries.

site support: the headquarters of the professional team to assess the business district, to assist the site, and to help prepare for the opening of things.

training support: professional trainer for terminal shopping guide sales skills, standardized services, such as training and guidance.

advertising support: each year into a large advertising budget, and around TV, portals and other media cooperation. Replacement support: headquarters to take a hundred percent replacement replacement mechanism, difficult to sell, slow-moving goods back to the factory tune.

year-end bonus: according to the distributor’s annual sales, according to a certain proportion of the rebate, incentive dealers.

support: professional operations team perennial tracking services to solve business problems, improve store operations.

series, to meet the different needs of different consumers. Choose to join the dry Gan Rui lighting project, is the right choice! The first step in the quality of life, to choose how to join the dry Rui lighting!

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