open a retail store, in the current state of the world of business, it is indeed a good space for development. However, due to the fierce competition in the industry, if you want to do fire business, in fact, each owner has its own business strategy. This does not, my hero Zhang Jian also has its own way of business.

Sanhe Town is a famous tourist town of Anhui in Hefei, Feixi, Shucheng and Lujiang three counties at the confluence, the larger flow of people, especially the Sanhe bus station and its surrounding, three town is one of the lots in the downtown, and the store is located in the Zhang Jian near the station. The initial contact with the boss, he felt like a bold, talkative and outspoken person, after a period of interaction, that he is a good business, especially in listening to his business cigarette "secret", but let me find everything fresh and new, deep feelings.


Zhang entered the boss of the shop, the first thing is in front of the tobacco business counter engraved "Chinese famous tobacco counters" several characters, this is the advertisement of their own design, although the work is not very fine, but it is a hard boss zhang. Good store design, not only beautify the store, but also determines the visual image of the store, more important is to give consumers a good impression, to attract customers and expand sales purposes. Although the store is not great, but the owner of the store design nuanced, attracting a lot of customers, business has been very good.

display cigarettes beautiful, orderly

Zhang boss said, many retailers may not have noticed that the cigarette display can give customers an intuitive feeling, which have a great influence on the quality of cigarette sales. Many customers judge the retail customer’s operating level by looking at the size of the display area and the display of the cigarettes.

if a retail store display cigarette varieties of rare, or display clutter, to directly feel the customer is the store management level is poor, the store’s image in the hearts of customers will discount, customers are likely to go to other stores for consumption. So as much as possible to display cigarettes, and cigarette display counter layout.

enhance self-discipline consciousness

at present, the tobacco companies of the cigarette price tag sign was re issued, the requirements of cigarette price display box unified place, while effective supervision over the implementation of cigarette price tag, to create a good environment for the cigarette retail cigarette retailers. Zhang boss very understanding and support of the company’s initiatives, in strict accordance with the requirements of the company to implement the price tag, and achieved good results.

consumers need is the integrity of the cigarette retail households by

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