production is always very reassuring, of course, the choice of a healthy career, but also very business opportunities, is not it? "Kang small press? Popular on the market, the small business optimization. If you press it to join the Kang small project, is also very exciting. Fast message advice!


next door meal special fragrance? Because they are more efficient and environmentally friendly household health press, peanut oil squeeze, fresh fragrant and health guarantee!

more Kang small built-in press wok, hot pressing; high oil yield; flavor; also can be cold pressed; intellectual property products, eight core technology patents, is an important innovation of small household electrical appliances, is a pioneering work on food. Simple and easy to operate, automatic intelligent control system, the whole voice prompts, fool type operation.

simple appearance, elegant small size, good microwave oven, saving space, low power consumption, operation management and less maintenance workload; convenient maintenance and cleaning. The parts can be placed in the disinfection disinfection cabinet. Environmental noise is low, less than 45 decibels, to adapt to the living environment; the ordinary press machine, rolling after pressing with other raw materials of oil removal, and noise, this machine adopts direct filtration, without oil, do not add any chemical raw materials in the production process, in accordance with the standards of green food.

today, food safety consciousness unceasing enhancement, small business to choose more small Kang press project, undoubtedly, is the election of the! High quality entrepreneurial projects, small business is also a reliable choice is not it? Easy to learn to get started quickly, headquarters to provide more support to join! Good project, it is worth joining!

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