‘s Day is in the morning, a nutritious breakfast is the foundation of the work and study. Although people pay more and more attention to breakfast, but there are still some people to deal with, and there are some errors. Below, beauty network Xiaobian for you to sum up the 5 eating breakfast misunderstanding, we should pay attention to correct.

so the body will adjust, the use of stored glycogen and protein, in the course of time, there may be dry skin, wrinkles, accelerate the aging of the human body.

error 4, fasting yogurt

Why does

often hear some ladies say they only eat fruit for breakfast, in order to lose weight and beauty, not knowing if things go on like this, may be counterproductive.

error 1, milk + egg

error 2, only eat fruit

and yogurt can stimulate gastric acid secretion, if there is no food and stomach acid, a long time, it may lead

yogurt for intestinal benefits, therefore has been popular, but fasting yogurt is not too good, when fasting human gastric acid concentration is relatively high, probiotic yogurt is easily destroyed by stomach acid lose their value.

only provide sufficient premise in carbohydrate, protein can play its proper role in the higher level, otherwise it will be "burned" to provide heat, that is used as heat and consumed.

remedy: increase dairy products (milk or yogurt), food products (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, etc.).

remedy: cure root, is the most fundamental way to completely abandon the habit, get up early every day 15-20 minutes, get up half an hour after the sit down to eat breakfast.

fruit only contains vitamins, minerals and cellulose, these are on the human body must material, but it contains only a few carbohydrates and a little protein, we simply can not meet the metabolic needs of a morning.

error 3, walking while eating

remedy: add some cereal foods, such as steamed buns, steamed bread or bread.

fast pace of life, a lot of people like to eat while walking, and even eat while running, it is also very bad. The human eats, gastrointestinal in busy work, the blood will be more abundant, if the body is in motion, greatly diverted the gastrointestinal tract "power supply", will certainly affect the normal digestive function, gastrointestinal tract or even cause gastritis, ptosis of the stomach.

want to mention this kind of collocation here? It’s not to say that these two kinds of things can not be eaten at the same time, but that if the simple intake of these two kinds of food, it will cause waste.

breakfast not only have eggs, milk, which can provide high-quality protein, quality, but also have the ability to provide heat, such as cereals, quality is the ideal breakfast.

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