no unique resources in the region hope to seek opportunities for development through innovation and entrepreneurship, the resources of the region also hope to be able to open up new innovative technologies to improve resource development and utilization, to achieve further development. Baotou rare earth hi tech Zone to encourage the development of sophisticated technology, from resource-based cities into a scientific and technological innovation city.

2015, Baotou high tech Zone to build the "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship service base, relying on 24 experts and 4 experts team, build Chinese Productivity Institute Baotou branch, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Baotou training base, Baotou enterprise university nine innovative service platform, plans to introduce third party intermediary services 80, give full play to the Internet + "service, training, third party services and promote the release of the four functions of multimedia display, tailored for entrepreneurs learning, training, consulting and other innovative services, forming a new" technology service ".

to increase innovation power, high tech Zone to build the research platform of science and technology, and actively promote the cooperation with the well-known domestic scientific research institutes. At present, Shanghai Jiaotong University Baotou Material Research Institute officially running, focus on promoting the use of rare earth magnesium alloy materials, high purity aluminum low cost scale for electronic communication technology industrialization preparation technology, an electric drive, high pure aluminum, rare earth magnesium alloy, wind power coating technology cooperation project 12, the promotion of scientific and technological achievements in 10. And strive to three years to add 100 invention patents, pilot and industrial projects, the establishment of 10 academician workstation 1, hatching success of 3 industrial projects.

Baotou Rare Earth Research Center

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