for the office workers now, there is no time to do breakfast, so breakfast is generally on the road to solve the breakfast shop business is also very prosperous, unlimited potential, many people want to enter this line. Breakfast shop location is the most critical. Breakfast shop location rules, generally need to follow the following 5 site rules, so breakfast shop business is generally not bad.

1, traffic points

if you just open the shop near the station that is better, people in the other car, may be the nearest in your shop to buy breakfast; or in the car, at the bus station near the station to buy, in any case, the establishment of the breakfast shop, I believe more than in other parts of the business to come better.

2, community residential

in residential areas, mostly in the same neighborhood, and can understand the guests, and guests can establish a good relationship, so the breakfast shop opened in residential areas, it would be easy to have cooked guests, in this way, fixed source and it is very easy to set up.

3, market geography

4, cultural institutions peripheral

5, office area near



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