venture capital to open a barbecue shop is a lot of people choose, barbecue franchise is now brought to life not only delicious, but also brought unlimited business opportunities, but still need to master a certain business skills. So, let’s take a look at the operating barbecue franchise need to know what knowledge.

A: wood charcoal;

General consideration two or three. Take wood charcoal is divided and mixed fruit branch, fruit, apple, pear, hawthorn and other hard wood barbecue taste good, and Yang Huai, including wood, pine and other cork barbecue taste in general.

if you want to barbecue shop business hot, its location is very important. Location choice: many friends think the city is good. In fact, the downtown popularity is not false, but the rent is not fake ah, 30% of the profits to pay rent on a bit too much, because the barbecue and profiteering industry, and barbecue to do is repeat, the taste is good, location is not so important.

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