is located in the southern waters of Hangzhou bred many well-known business masters. Zhejiang hometown in the new era and the birth of a number of new industry leading entrepreneurs. Hangzhou’s entrepreneurial environment to create a lot of innovation passenger heart, so that entrepreneurs who love the vitality of the city.

in the applause and blessing, 12, Beida pharmaceutical chairman Ding Lieming received 15 million yuan reward check from Hangzhou Yuhang party secretary Xu Wenguang.

Beida pharmaceutical started in Yuhang, and in Yuhang, the harvest is also in Yuhang. In the last week of the national science and Technology Awards Conference, anticancer drug project "the independent research and development of icotinib" won the first prize of national science and technology progress, has become Chinese Beida pharmaceutical chemical pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang province and the business enterprise won the award for the first time.

ten years of grinding sword. "Icotinib" is China’s first self-developed and small molecular targets with completely independent intellectual property rights to the anticancer drug by small molecular compounds, targeted attacks support target molecules on tumor cells and kill cancer cells at the same time, effects on normal cells is very small, so as to effectively reduce the drug side effects, improve the therapeutic effect. The result was the then Health Minister Chen Zhuyu academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as "China livelihood areas" two bombs and one satellite "".

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