we often sigh, now countless business people are really "act like a snob, especially some high-end consumer sites. Once the customer is too expensive, it is easy to say some very unpleasant words. In fact, doing business to the righteous, that is to say, no friendship in business to do, a heartless businessman, this loss is not just a business, there may be many pens, may be a group of people were offended.

customers into your store, they do not necessarily have a clear purpose to buy goods, and sometimes they may come to understand the situation. For this purpose is not clear customers, operators do not know when the deal can not be traded, do not show disappointment or unhappy expression, but can not be cynical customers.

I have an experience, at the end of last year, the City Federation of industry and commerce to host a high-level business forum, I was invited to one of the people, because of the participation of all business elite. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, horse saddle. Just thinking of buying a higher grade suit to the "front loaded" to a clothing store, I saw the price is less than thousand dollars, a little too low grade, the germination of the thought of another store to see and buy the idea.

May I know what

, this guy is not good or something, the clothing store miss I do not want to buy in the ask price later, saying: the opposite is the supermarket hundred dollars can buy a suit, we here are high-grade, ordinary people can not afford to buy. How to treat customers like this?! Besides, this is a store. I was very angry at that time, but only said, "it’s a little expensive."!" Just go.

this attitude, although this time the business is not made, then what? Will patronize this shop? From this you can see that, as an operator, in any case, you can not look at the door – flat. Sometimes the operator of a word, not only hurt a person, there may be a group. As for the matter of buying clothes, as a joke, I have mentioned on many occasions that many of my friends have said that they will not go there to buy things. So, regardless of whether the customer to buy goods, you are not to do business in friendship.

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