the United States began early screening of breast cancer mass from the last century in 80s, at the same time in the treatment of many technology and the latest drugs are used, but before 1990 breast cancer mortality and morbidity is still synchronous growth. Until the last century 90s American women’s breast cancer mortality has declined trend is encouraging, scientists on these mainly due to large-scale screening the early incidence of breast cancer increased significantly, the proportion reached 21% of ductal carcinoma in situ. Ductal carcinoma in situ is most of us simply do not touch the mass, the need for high frequency X-ray or ultrasound can be found, this part of the breast cancer after treatment can be cured 99%.

cancer cell mass needs 2-3 years

The latest data

a lot of books in the past or the media, will tell the reader, alert breast lumps alert breast cancer, here to pass a misunderstanding: there is a lump is breast cancer. In fact, breast lumps only breast cancer development to a certain degree of performance, most of which is not true of the early cancer.

2008 American Cancer Society released 0 (no touch mass breast cancer) and 1 breast cancer 5 years survival rate can reach 100%, 2 80~92%, 3 49~62%, but 4 breast cancer compared with a few years ago is still not much improvement, only 20%.

remember 5 years ago in the United States to participate in a breast cancer patient, breast expert Professor COX’s words let me unforgettable, a powerful country needs a strong nation, a strong nation needs a stable family, a stable family needs a healthy women. Women’s health is related to family harmony and social harmony. The incidence of breast cancer is getting more and more early, the youngest breast cancer in our center is a 17 year old girl in Luoding, and is very late at the time of treatment, her father learned that several times fainted. Early prevention and early treatment, away from breast cancer. We should find early breast cancer, but not to the hospital doctor found mass. >

Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, director of breast Zhang Anqin, director of physician

breast cancer is a common malignant tumor in women, and is also a major threat to women’s health. Although the number of cases of breast cancer are increasing, but the current breast cancer treatment effect is relatively ideal, mainly due to the concept of comprehensive treatment of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy in combination, but more important is that people pay attention to the screening of breast cancer, early diagnosis and early treatment is the most direct and most fundamental way to improve the curative effect of breast cancer.

early screening is helpful to improve the survival rate of

breast cancer cell division rate in cancer cells is relatively slow, generally 2 centimeters, when it is touched, an average of about 2~3 years, but in two or three years time, there are many ways we can check out instead of waiting until we could grow swollen cancer touch it.

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