by the economic boom of the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs to join the trend of the Internet business, to become a veritable Internet entrepreneurs. So as an Internet entrepreneur, what needs to be able to do? May wish to follow a small series together to see it.

focus on core ability

in addition, but also have the ability to focus on the target can be realized. I’ve seen a lot of people set unrealistic goals, for example, I have seen a claim to subvert Google and Baidu’s little meat, but also seen some teams with two or three outsiders want to go beyond today’s headlines". What  r  u 

get what?

clear business priority, and then find the path can be realized, it is not enough. You need to overthrow every time, constantly optimize the structure. This kind of thinking – with the "small coffee show" in a classic line is – "too difficult, too difficult, it is not simple". But only every time from scratch, in order to find a subtle difference in multiple thinking. In this way, each product upgrade, it seems only to complete some of the details of the changes, in fact, the entire content of the reconstruction. However, these changes are subtle, not necessarily known to outsiders.

has recently been in the prototype design of App busy fingers, almost every day to repeat down reconstruction, according to the user’s fingertip pain points, as well as the starting point of our son’s vision at the moment of a reconstruction. Privately, often hear @ Zhao Bosi greatly raised, Jobs every week to see the apple retail store prototype, weigh every week in the research results; also "Toy Story" details of the changes, that this should focus on core process.

or a bird?

if there are successful people who stick to the end, but in fact are not.

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