, associate professor of breast surgery at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, clarified the rumors on the Internet, he said, there is no clinical trial and a large number of cases of breast compression will cause breast hyperplasia. Breast hyperplasia is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, with marriage, diet, life and environmental and genetic factors.

long wear underwear extrusion cleavage, tight underwear on the breast compression reduce or prevent backflow breast endolymph, cause the local poor blood, in the course of time will lead to breast hyperplasia.

2 staying up late is more likely to suffer from breast hyperplasia

, however, if the work is too tight, emotional excitement is likely to lead to the restoration of the breast should have been restored to the breast tissue is not restored or incomplete, over time, they will form a breast hyperplasia.

answer: hyperplasia of mammary glands is not caused by oppression, and endocrine disorders related to


network spread:

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[introduction]: the spread of the Internet, long-term wear underwear, extrusion breasts will lead to breast hyperplasia "say, breast hyperplasia really is squeezed out? As women’s bra close protection breast underwear, how to wear will not cause breast disease?

squeezing breasts can cause hyperplasia?

1 can not squeeze out breast hyperplasia

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out of the beautiful, casual wear as well, but when sleep must be off, and recommendations for the selection of air permeability high underwear.

Rao Yannan said that the size of the breast and breast glands, fat tissue. Glands developed, fat accumulation, breast fullness. Underwear product is to the existing cleavage breast adipose tissue to the center of the chest passes, let people produce breast fullness visual sense, does not promote the gland growth and fat accumulation, but will reduce or prevent backflow of breast endolymph, cause local blood running sluggish, which may lead to a variety of breast diseases.

3 extrusion susceptible to breast atrophy

because, during each menstrual cycle, the breast undergoes a process of hyperplasia and healing. The whole process is this: every time before menstruation after menstruation to end breast hyperplasia, breast, and degraded to the level before menstruation, that is to say, "breast hyperplasia" and "degeneration" are one, this is the law of nature.

modern women wear underwear is towards advertising "to promote breast growth, although relieved of breast hyperplasia alert, but will lead to a variety of other breast diseases, such as breast, breast extrusion will cause ischemia, easy to induce breast atrophy.

can not squeeze out breast hyperplasia, but stay up late but boil. Rao Yannan said that the clinic has not found a workaholic, owl girl suffering from breast hyperplasia, and their work pressure, irregular life related factors.

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