want to start a business is the first to find a good project, but now too many swindlers, in the end what projects are really making money? First you have to know your own understanding, and proficiency in a particular line, to understand the market, to find their own entrepreneurial projects, realize their dreams of wealth, entrepreneurs do what project? He was a farmer, carpenter, with their craft business, a good story, 22 years to create billions of


Renbu Tibet Shigatse Renbu County village farmer Spetsni, has handed down from their parents carpenter start empty-handed to create hundreds of millions of wealth, in 22 years, become one of the many miracles since the reform and opening up China occurred in Tibet. What do poineering project? In Shigatse, an Darewa Renbu County construction engineering limited liability company is almost wurenbuxiao. The management of housing construction, road construction, water conservancy and hydropower construction, real estate based private enterprises, the total assets reached 101 million yuan, and the general manager of the enterprise is the farmer entrepreneur Spetsni.

"create and have so much wealth in old Tibet is unthinkable." Group theory. What do poineering project? 1959, Tibet before the democratic reform, group training Tethong, several generations of a family for the serf owners raising horses, one family known locally as "Darewa" (which is the serf owners Wrangler people). At that time, 5% of the population of Tibet, the feudal serf owners not only have a wealth of social wealth, but also possession of the personal freedom of the serfs.

"policy, opportunity, diligence and wisdom, is the fundamental reason I went toward the rich from the poor." This year, 49 year old Spetsni said in a humble office when talking about the history of entrepreneurship. What do poineering project? 1982 is a crucial year to change the fate of the Tethong group training. China government special working conference held in Tibet on the Tibet implementation of the Exemption Agricultural Tax and a series of the farmers and herdsmen to recuperate policy. This year, around the Tibet set off a new upsurge of construction, he is keen to capture the opportunities of construction industry is the 28 of the village surplus labor force to set up a construction company, the civil structure of Tibetan traditional architecture.

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