rural youth entrepreneurship is an important key point for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in china. For helping rural youth employment smoothly, Hainan NPC deputies and CPPCC members and rural youth face to face communication, explore the "Internet plus rural youth entrepreneurship".

the scene of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members and departments in charge of people according to their functions, how to promote our province "Internet plus rural youth entrepreneurship" answer. Such as the Provincial Department of Commerce official suggested that the Department of Commerce in the second half of 2015 set up a special e-commerce department to support rural e-commerce training, focusing on the training of rural youth, returning students, etc.. Provincial People’s Congress Wang Wenke said that many young people do not understand the basic knowledge of agricultural products, no in-depth understanding of agriculture. Young people should put together the strength of unity, unity and cooperation, not fragmented. Provincial CPPCC member Chen Kewen suggested that the government should build a public service platform for young entrepreneurs in rural areas, to provide a systematic service for returning entrepreneurs.

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