food safety issues has always been a major concern of the people, even the baby milk powder have problems, not to mention our adult diet. So, how to ensure the safety of the tongue? Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration in accordance with the "ABA focused object, key species, key areas, full coverage, random sampling principle, sent 4 inspection teams to carry out joint law enforcement inspection Cross County 13. As of August 1st, the first successful cross law enforcement.

it is understood that the inspection team of Li County, Ruoergai County, Jinchuan County, ABA County food production enterprises, employees and building site canteens, catering units, supermarkets, souvenir sales, tourism shopping centers, drug distributors and medical institutions such as cosmetics shop, covering on-site inspection. Focus on checking the production and operation of the units, the health of employees, cable card, high risk medical equipment, etc.. For each key link found illegal behavior, has been assigned to the county bureau to investigate and deal with 43, including food, medicine, medicine, medicine, a total of 27 pieces, 7 pieces, cosmetics, 1 pieces.

through the cross law enforcement inspection to further promote the food and drug business units abide by the law, norms, integrity management, strengthening the food and drug foundation, the current joint law enforcement inspection is still in force in an orderly manner.

to ensure the safety of the tongue, plays an important role in purifying the market unhealthy tendencies, more important to protect the health of people. In the current market environment, economic development, people’s living standard has been greatly improved, we have to live is not to worry about food or clothing era, how can stumble on food safety.

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