history of the most effective breast movement

2 inhale, palms pressed hard, two elbows level.

analysis: this push up exercise can not only make the chest becomes tight plump, but also make solid flat belly. In fact do push ups does not make the chest fat, but can exercise under the chest muscle growth, the pectoral muscles and tight chest overall outstanding, and the elasticity also has a notable increase.

with "simple local body law" set off downsizing craze in South Korea, especially for "fat to start with lower body fat, lose weight from the thin upper body from the" chest shrink problem, has created several very simple breast movement, at home watching TV when you can do. And each action as long as 1 minutes, less time-consuming, but the effect is not good.

this small action can improve the chest tissue, chest tight and gradually restore stand.

is the European fitness coach and numerous Japanese MM in breast "Killer-x" push ups, although it is a little bit tired, but the effect is indeed recognized alarming.

2 will slowly lift up behind, arms straight back, try to reach the heel, touch the heel with the palm of your hand.

1 arms moved to the chest, two palms together.

3 hands cross grip, so that the arms behind the lift, and try to lift to the top of the head, so that the upper body down to the ground down, so that the chest touches the knee.

chest outside the expansion contraction type

3 to maintain the 2 position, exhale as to straighten the upper body, make the chest feel a pull, if the upper body around and chest by stretch feeling, keep the body relax after 10 seconds. >

1 kneeling on the ground, hips and thighs pressed on the lower legs, hands relaxed, resting on the thigh.

The effect of

in order to maintain the continuous tense of the chest muscles, the body moved to the highest point of the elbow is not completely straight, repeat the above action 10 times. Pay attention to the tightening of the abdomen, feel the chest in the force, the waist is not affixed to the ground.

Expert Jin Xiangwan

chest sagging interceptive

Jin Xiangwan, that is not the size represents the perfect chest, ideal Munakata is a triangle: the clavicle center and two breast center connected to draw a triangle on each side are equal, so it is the ideal chest. If the length of the chest is too extended, if both sides of the long side length, chest some drooping.

to prevent sagging, external expansion of ultra simple breast practice

exercise Essentials: do not wear bra, directly put on the chest to support the strength of the sport jacket. Knees close together and kneeling on the ground, feet back up, leaned forward, with both hands to shoulder width. Keep your back straight and tighten the buttocks, slowly bent to the chest in contact with the ground, and then slowly to the strength of the elbow to push the body upward, back in situ.

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