picture of the interests of the moment, the sale of fake and shoddy products, may be able to make some of the wealth, however, this will be very detrimental to the long-term development of the store. After all, the quality of goods related to the interests of consumers, related to the survival and development of the store. So, how about the quality of your product? It is useless to say that most customers want to go. This requires you to work more on the quality of goods. Sell goods, to listen to the customer after the reflection of the use, can not be one-sided to rely on their own to determine whether the quality of their goods is good.

every customer wants to buy goods that are genuine, value for money or value for money. As a businessman, high-quality goods can not only bring huge profits, but also to win their own good reputation and good image, which is an intangible asset. So, as the main store as a top priority of this operation.

to purchase, from the formal channels to achieve the patient, and resolutely put an end to "carrots wash mud", not into the goods there is no guarantee of the quality of goods, but can not get involved in the fake and shoddy goods. Fake and shoddy goods, like yellow, gambling, poison, as soon as they get involved, it will set foot on the road, the light is closed, and then on the court.

therefore, in the face of fake and shoddy goods, to be self binding. The gentleman’s love of money, in a proper way. To do business is to make money, but to ask whether to make short-term, or willing to make long-term, many people will choose to make long-term money. We should all be clear that there is no absolute wise man, not an absolute fool.

It is possible to cheat

once, it is impossible to cheat for a lifetime. When it comes to the quality of the goods, we have to mention the food, mention the food, but also had to mention the case of Sanlu melamine. Because the addition of melamine in milk powder, resulting in a large number of children suffering from stones, resulting in this has a history of several decades of national brand collapsed.

The quality of

is not only related to the survival of an enterprise, a store, but also a more important point, it is the whole nation’s safety plays an extremely important role. You put the fake and shoddy goods sold to customers, once the customer will wake up, looking around for you to do publicity, you will throw away everything when fleeing mandizhaoya.

in particular, cigarettes, this special commodity, must be ordered from the tobacco companies, can not covet a moment of profit, the purchase of low smoke, reflux smoke, high imitation smoke. If the purchase of these cigarettes, not only to the interests of the customer damage, but also by the relevant departments of severe punishment. Good reputation and credibility is how much money can not buy, so we must cherish own shop reputation, don’t do that, the stupid.

however, some operators, despite careful and cautious, insist

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