is now a small business can be described as a variety of people come up with a different way to make money, many consumers are eyeing such a new business. One of the river is a big car rental news, this entertainment business for the owners to bring a lot of customers, even more amazing earnings per hour, the following together to share this story of entrepreneurship!

all kinds of new small business

8 on the evening of 4, the reporter visited a circle around the Du Fu River, found a deck chair a cup of tea, there are small vendors on the home of 8. Boiled water, green tea, chrysanthemum tea, bean sesame tea, as long as the public to spend 10 yuan, you can sit on the couch to sit on the other side of the night view of the tea, very comfortable.

"seats pay money, tea can pick a drink, plus money without a refill." Several years of retirement Jiang uncle said he was a frequent visitor to the riverside chatan, "with friends here to drink tea and chat has become a habit, but the price is not expensive, economically acceptable."

riverside "night ride" is in recent years become fashionable for a time of leisure. Along with the scenery along the lake to the junction of Hunan Spring Road, do bicycle rental business has 4. "Mountain bike boys rent more, the students come together, the couple would like to rent a pair of bicycles, 3 and the rent of a small number of 4 people." Rent the car owner said.


people make money

to the public, these small businesses make them in the river shade and enjoy more fun. It is also concerned that so many people to join the "riverside night economy" in the army, how much can earn?

"use are very general tea, the cost is very low." A chatan boss said, "get rid of purchase stools, buy tea and other costs, when business is good, one day can earn about 300 yuan." The reporter noted that each chatan has about 2 staff, according to the income, only 6 pm to 1 midnight, less than 8 hours, the monthly salary can be more than 4000 yuan, higher than the Changsha city white-collar wages.

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