female consumers for high-end jewelry without resistance, with the improvement of living standards, jewelry industry’s potential is greatly increased, would like to open a jewelry store, but not familiar with the steps, never mind, Xiaobian to arrange for you.

Second, market survey.

the various regions of the market will be different, which requires entrepreneurs to conduct market surveys necessary. Including the economic level, customer spending habits, etc..

Third, for joining the

1. for joining. (to confirm their hope and identity of the jewelry industry chain management).

2. to conduct a further investigation of the local market (according to the successful experience of the headquarters of the local market).

3. visit headquarters, franchise stores (Headquarters invited to join the jewelry industry to further deepen understanding).

4. fill in the application form, the headquarters to join the qualification audit.

Fourth, the location of the shop.

to jewelry shop located in the business district, near the best jewelry store is relatively concentrated. Leave the most exciting center zone no more than 300 meters. There is to consider the flow of people: the main flow of two indicators: the number of people and the quality of flow. Only the number of stream of people and the quality of stream of people is a good place to shop.

fifth, decoration design.

sixth, determine the accessories suppliers.

seventh, staff recruitment and training.

eighth, promotion.

in the shop before the opening of the necessary promotion, the streets can be assigned to advertising paper, also can make billboards in the traffic arteries, advertising based entirely on the ability of investors to own.

ninth, opening doors.

The routine

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