when the combination of traditional agriculture and modern science and technology, not only the creative or business opportunities. Who says a business can only rely on high-tech, actually home vegetables can also build up the family fortunes can also achieve the start of a new life.

EarthboundFarm is the nation’s largest organic products manufacturers, the annual sales of $five hundred million, with approximately 240 thousand acres of planting base and nearly 200 farmers, more than and 100 certified organic salad, fruits and vegetables, at the same time, EarthboundFarm also has a food safety system and no one can, known in america.


1983 in the summer of two, after graduating from college, went to meet the European tour, during the tour, to two in Europe on the farm to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to feel excited, but also inspired, can they use both hands to work, and earn some tuition.

But even if the

, complete the basic conditions, when the two university graduates first is confused, he recommended

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