a lot of people in the entrepreneurial road although full of enthusiasm, but helpless in the hands of the limited funds, resulting in their own pace of entrepreneurship frustrated. For many small and medium enterprises, financing is the biggest problem encountered in the business, the enterprise will often be unsecured, can not find a guarantee and other reasons, unable to obtain bank loans. But in Xiamen, enterprises and government departments through the signing of government procurement contracts, credit guarantee financing, apply for bank loans.

reporter learned from the municipal finance department, in order to reduce the cost of financing small and medium enterprises suppliers, from the beginning of July this year, the City Finance Bureau in the city to promote government procurement credit. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, the city has nearly a hundred companies to obtain government procurement credit financing of nearly 120 million yuan.

three years ago began to test the water in Haicang

government procurement credit loan is a kind of financing service for the small and medium sized enterprises, which is based on the bid winning notice of government procurement and the main source of repayment. The government procurement bid (turnover) supplier only on the government procurement contract, you can apply for credit loans to commercial banks, provided by professional guarantee companies, but also can be used by insurance companies to provide financing insurance and other bank approved the guarantee way.

it is understood that the city to carry out the business of the Construction Bank (601939, stock it), China Everbright Bank (601818, stock it), Industrial Bank (601166, stock it) and other commercial banks and Company limited by guarantee in Xiamen.

reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, in 2013, the city began to test the waters through the means of credit guarantees to help SMEs solve financial problems. In June of that year, Haicang District Finance Bureau of the credit guarantee means into the field of government procurement, and to the business district of Xiamen city landscape garden touch limited company issued in Fujian Province, the first "government procurement" loans, the amount of 998 thousand yuan. In 2014, the Xiamen city Company limited by guarantee officially launched the government procurement credit guarantee business in the Xiamen area, as long as more than 2 years of operating history, and the Xiamen local government procurement business enterprises can apply.

establish a true authority credit system

, however, in practice, banks and Guarantee Corporation in the screening of customers, there are still some concerns. Among them, the enterprise credit is the primary problem, establish the credit system of small and medium-sized enterprises, real timely, comprehensive, authoritative, query, to solve the asymmetric information of government procurement in the credit guarantee, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the credit guarantee business of government procurement is the key.

Xiamen enterprise financing new ways out

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