Shanghai as the forefront of China’s entrepreneurial innovation, has been the pursuit of the majority of customers. But you know, there are a group of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in Shanghai by selling pancakes on luxury cars, and ultimately become the envy of the life of the winner.

36 two storey villa, four residential buildings Zheng Town Village Pingyi County Linyi oil basket

Zheng Village Pingyi County town you Lou

this seemingly calm bleak mountain village, but Shanghai and Shanghai are inextricably linked. Villagers Li Xingpu said: a lot of the village to buy a house in Shanghai, there are more than a dozen."

2015 Shanghai average price of 32555 yuan per square meter, a house of   square meters of the total price of about $3 million per capita annual income of about 47711 yuan, ranking first in all provinces and cities in the country. However, with a "willful rich" label in Shanghai, the annual per capita income of only 1/3 Pingyi county you Lou village.

1:00, the restless all day in Shanghai, has just begun to calm down; at the same time, from Pingyi County town village of Li Zheng you Lou   Xingwen, a family of six, to get up on time, to do a routine for the pancake stalls opened. This is Li Xingwen in the twenty-second year of Shanghai pancakes, every day at 3 am, Li Xingwen and his wife would appear in the export, Metro Line 9   burning stove, a good stall, waiting for the arrival of the first customer.

within a radius of 5 km, and Li Xingwen pancake stalls have four: 20 meters to the north, Li Xingwen is the son-in-law of the pancake stalls; 800 meters to the west, Li Xingwen is the brother-in-law of the pitch; Pine Road 3 kilometers, the son of Li Xingwen is also operated pancakes…… In fact, the entire Shanghai city 90% pancake stalls, all from the Pingyi County town of Zheng you Lou village.

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