in our life, some of the leaders of the unit, in the constant demand of the people how to do, but neglected his own work. Reporters in Zhoukou City, Shangshui County, Taikang county and other places to visit, found not listed in law enforcement vehicles 12 vehicles a day. In Henan, Hebei and other places have been found not to sign a law enforcement vehicle license plate or sign with homemade law enforcement phenomenon, some people are accustomed to see, accustomed to, and below the specific understanding.

from the survey, these are some law enforcement vehicles without license law enforcement vehicles to reduce or stop, and some are privately enabled; do not meet the requirements of the reform of official vehicles, the vehicle is not approved by the staff; what is more, this is in response to the urban management department of law enforcement by learning experience of other counties, because law enforcement vehicles mark "so, more effective than the license on the card is not allowed, law enforcement vehicles" streaking".

law enforcement should first be law-abiding. The road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that the motor vehicle license plate shall be suspended and kept clear and complete in accordance with the provisions of the law, and shall not be intentionally blocked or defaced". Now, the management of official vehicles are more and more strict, all official vehicles have to go through the approval of the record, and some also require the establishment of eye-catching signs, easy public oversight.

no matter from which the provisions of the point of view, the vehicle registration card is the minimum requirements, even if there are many excuses, and then a special identity, are not illegal reasons. The so-called "law enforcement vehicle license is more effective than mark", implying that one is the object of the law has a deterrent effect, the number two is not difficult to identify supervision. Law enforcement with this attitude to law enforcement, will own as a third of an acre of land outside the law, do not obey the law, how to establish a good image, talk about how to regulate law enforcement and civilized law enforcement?

law enforcement illegal, harm can not be overlooked. In addition to the impact of road traffic safety, the masses are difficult to monitor and other obvious hazards, but more importantly, undermine the seriousness and credibility of law enforcement. Just imagine, unlicensed street law enforcement vehicles roaring, private cars are not listed will be punished, how can people sincerely convinced? Did not appear to be listed as a "law enforcement experience", how to make people believe that these law enforcement officers can enforce justice? The masses of this phenomenon accustomed, apparently not agree. The reality is more than the provisions on paper can affect people’s understanding of power, law and social atmosphere, over time, the sense of privilege, the concept of power than the law is likely to become a major obstacle to the advancement of the rule of law.

Henan and other places did not list of law enforcement vehicles, the masses have been accustomed to see, such a law enforcement behavior in the masses there is authority to speak of it? Such negligence is not only responsible for their own, but also for their own work extremely hard. Unlicensed law enforcement vehicle is also reflected in some places on the power constraint anomie. Condone law enforcement vehicle without a license on the road, the traffic control department to discipline inspection and supervision department recommended

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