once an online shop has exploded, product sales will suddenly increase, the operators will bring a natural return of profits will be extremely rich. But the premise is to have a shop explosion experience, including sales and customer service, here Xiaobian not recommended for novice sellers to practice, it could lead to more investment of time and energy, but the report is few, is likely to hit the confidence.

how to seize the product life cycle to create explosive? After everything is ready, the seller will be able to proceed to create a burst of money. In the early stages of preparing to build the explosion, the seller can choose the appropriate marketing tools, such as hard to attract more traffic, while testing their selection of explosive goods are accepted by consumers. After that, they entered the explosion of four periods:

import period:

import period is just the shelves of goods in the period, this time is a very important period, does not require a lot of investment to stimulate the flow, just keep the basic flow can be. This stage is used to test whether the goods can be accepted by consumers, whether it can be used to make the explosion of goods period, if the conversion rate is high in this period, on behalf of the introduction of a lot of traffic in the next time, the commodity sales conversion will be very good, suitable for building explosion.

growth period:

in this period, the seller can increase the promotion of this product, increase investment in marketing tools, but also to maintain the observation of whether the product is worth a huge investment. This stage is the fastest period of commodity flow and volume growth, you can use for example, such a high cost, cost-effective marketing tools. Goods can not become a burst, depending on the seller in the growth period of operation.


when the goods in the growth period to get a lot of transactions, the Taobao system will automatically determine this is selling baby, while our operations will also pay attention to the small commodity. In this environment, the seller should make their own efforts to promote investment and reached a peak in the push to increase the flow of time, we should also pay attention to some activities, do some activities may participate in the Taobao organization, introducing additional traffic, and promote related sales.


when the trend towards the end of the period, the explosion commodity turnover has begun to decline, in the promotion and investment under steady flow also began to decline, which proved that this product has been out of date, to the recession. This time should be reduced in this product on the promotion of investment, began to think of ways to do related sales, so that customers are fully aware of their own shops, retain repeat customers. At the same time start to focus on New

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