[introduction]: in recent years, the community began to pay attention to women’s breast health from many aspects, especially the prevalence of breast cancer growth rate is really worrying. In daily life, some of the errors may affect your judgment on breast disease, listed below five.

misunderstanding: self or not important

for women, self checking is as important as, or even more important, to regular hospital visits. In our country clinical discovery, a lot of breast cancer patients are self inspection later. "Summer breast cancer treatment rate is very high, but it does not mean that breast cancer is high in summer, but because of the increased frequency of summer women bathing, the number of ‘self’ breast increased, so the number will increase to the doctor." Self inspection method is relatively simple:

1, time selection. Premenopausal women generally in the 7-10 days after menstruation for self-examination, this time the breast is relatively soft, if there is a relatively easy to find lumps; postmenopausal women can choose a fixed day for self inspection.

2, check to be comprehensive. It should touch the position of touch, don’t omit.

3, mirror observation. Mainly to see the shape of the breast is changed or not, whether the skin has no nipple subsidence, subsidence.

4, posture and method. Self inspection method is to use the index finger and the middle finger two fingers to check the opposite side of the breast, refers to the stomach is more sensitive to find problems. Posture can be standing or lying on the back, if it is supine, you can put a pillow under the chest.

do the above points, found the problem at any time to seek medical treatment, then the incidence of breast cancer will be greatly reduced.

error two: ignore the doctor

empirical value

in addition to breast self-examination, regular medical examination is also essential to the discovery of breast cancer project. Sun Qiang said: "as the Western women’s breast development is large, so mammography film effect is very clear, but Chinese female breast generally small and dense structure, the age of onset of breast cancer patients is less than foreign women (average age of foreign breast cancer was 45-55 years old, China 35-45 years), so the ultrasound examination is more suitable for Chinese women."

also experienced the doctor’s hand is also very important. "Some ultrasound and mammography can find the tumor, experienced doctors are able to touch it, for example, some of the edge of the areola of the tumor."

error three: touch the masses muddle along

in the clinical often encounter some female patients, although he has touched the mass, but because the work is busy or family affairs, not timely treatment, delayed the best treatment time. After three months, six months, and then go to the hospital, the results have been developed in the early stages of the late. The most common type of female clinic, are accompanied by the child’s college entrance examination delays."

Early discovery of

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