in order to make the economy better and faster development, for the traditional outdated development strategy, actively carry out the reform is an imperative thing. The power of the government to "downsizing" to stimulate the vitality of the market; strengthen supervision, and create a good atmosphere; promote the "Internet plus" government services, maximize the convenience of the masses…… After more than a year of reform and exploration, Fujian Free Trade Zone pilot area of Xiamen put the tube service reform is going deep, thin, below we look at specific.

recently, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone conscientiously implement the important speech of prime minister Li Keqiang in deepening the decentralization and decentralization of the optimization of service reform forum, to further promote the release of the tube service work.

in Xiamen free trade area of the decision makers view, promote "management services" reform, conducive to further transform government functions, the whole society to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity, formation of legalization, internationalization, facilitation of business environment, accelerate the construction to enhance the governance capacity of government function reconstruction region.

power downsizing market vitality

do not have approval, online filing, approval time shortened 22 working days, Xiamen FTA EIA approval system reform really praise." Xiamen free trade area enterprises – Xiamen Xiangxing international logistics service limited company responsible person said, the company through international trade "single window" to complete the EIA documents independent record, second days received the environmental protection department.

in April this year, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee and the Xiamen Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the first free trade zone in Xiamen to implement the EIA approval system reform, decentralization efforts. According to statistics, since the implementation of the EIA approval system reform plan, the Xiamen free trade area has a total of 21 environmental impact statement and 20 environmental impact registration form implementation of EIA documents filing and reporting independently through the network, the cumulative savings of

approval time of more than 500 working days

depth to promote the release of tube work, Xiamen Free Trade Zone efforts to do subtraction, to the government power downsizing for the enterprise deregulation to stimulate market vitality.

at present, Xiamen free trade zone to accelerate the implementation of the license separation reform pilot. Focus on promoting the field of food and drug "license of separation", innovation inform the new management mode of commitment of examination and approval system, the implementation of classification management of small restaurants, small workshops, food and beverage and food industry to simplify approval and bidding procedures, and replicated in the city, has benefited 1.2 enterprises.

Xiamen Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee official said, then, Xiamen free trade area will further decentralization, while in order to stimulate the double recommended

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