many people have the idea of doing business, but could not find their own interest in the project, some people in the countryside to entrepreneurship in rural areas where there are lots of such a vast territory and abundant resources project can be carried out, such as planting of Phalaenopsis orchid, is very popular, can have a good income.

it is understood, most industry insiders believe that the small scale production sales in the near, and conform to the market demand. Now far fewer transportation of Phalaenopsis, gradually formed a more mature regional markets. The general manager of Qingdao Jinhui orchid Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Lin Yaozong said: "in recent years, more and more new year flower sales peak on time, more and more short, we can see that now the regional market supply reserves is very rich, dealers no longer long time long haul transport, which reduce the transportation loss, is of great help to improve the quality of flowers." The general manager of

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