this year, the most fire than the micro business. People on the micro business model is mixed, because the micro business internal chaos, various forms of mixed. So what are the forms of micro business? It is necessary to understand the problem.

the first derivative brand:

derivative of the purchasing brand in the form of spread in the circle of friends. The concept of micro business has also experienced a development process from WeChat electricity supplier – micro electricity supplier – micro business. The first is the beauty of the brand, such as Qiao ten years old, think tanks and other use of circle of friends as a sales channel, combined with the traditional agent system for sales management, after being known as micro business model. Due to the lack of official neglect and personal self-control, to question the micro business suffer a lot, CCTV had made some investigation on some "illegal" mask workshop, found that many brands are counterfeit ingredients. Four times the public opinion.

Second: personal derivative

This is the main

by taking a micro community within a group of opinion leaders initiated, formed in the point of interest or some kind of emotional resonance of the online community, through the theme of operation, conversion fans for consumers and realizable. The community has two kinds, one is the star community, these leaders are often expert, big coffee, skilled in debate, passionate words. There is a small organization, service-oriented community, looking for external resources to butt the internal resources to share, mutual assistance for the purpose of.

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