breast cancer is one of the common malignant tumors in women, occurs in the 50 to 70 year old women under the age of 40, or have a family history of women, but in recent years the Chinese diet and exercise habits, young women has become a target for breast cancer, we gradually pay attention to breast cancer care, there also appear many myths, even some people think that drinking milk will lead to breast cancer, physicians are negative, and stressed the problems must consult a professional doctor.

Min Sheng Hospital Cancer Center Director Liang Yongchang said, according to the current clinical case, breast cancer is frequently found in nutrition, lack of exercise and were taking hormone drugs (such as contraceptives), childless women, such as smoking, drinking and other bad habits, stay up late for a long time, is to let the prevalence rate is greatly improved, in addition to get rid of the bad habits, must have the correct concept to the right of anti-cancer, ordinary people following cracks on breast cancer of 5 common myths.

Q1. female office workers get breast cancer?

A. is, but not absolute.


pointed out that in breast cancer patients, there are a lot of high knowledge of pink collar family, usually enough nutrition, but lack of exercise, leading to excess nutrients, some people have even become obese, if coupled with the long-term stay up bad habits, it will make the prevalence rate increased, suggestions for young women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let yourself be a high risk of breast cancer.

Q2. had a child, breast-feeding experience to prevent breast cancer?

A. is, but relatively low risk, not absolute.

has a lower risk of developing breast cancer than women who have had a child and who have experience with breastfeeding, although they still don’t know exactly why But the doctor said, let the body adapt to nature, in the birth of a child, may be one of the reasons to reduce the body’s disease, in addition, long-term use of contraceptives can also lead to increased risk of breast cancer.

Q3. drink too much milk, will induce breast cancer?

A. no, depending on the amount of milk to drink, and what kind of milk to drink.

in breast cancer patients, many people have excessive intake of high fat food habits, doctors said, to drink milk, if long-term drinking milk, and lack of exercise, is likely to influence, if the amount of drinking low-fat milk, there will not be too bad, and excessive intake of fat is only one of the common breast cancer patients, and can not prove that drinking milk will cause breast cancer.

Q4. breast cancer patients can not eat chicken?

A. no, such as lean meat (such as chicken) did not affect the part.

chicken will not affect the condition of patients with breast cancer, but doctors stressed that subcutaneous fat chicken thick, will eat too much fat intake, and because the chicken feed add the chicken growth elements, the skin is also easy to have hormone residues, if to avoid these two parts, there is no problem to eat chicken meat.


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