holidays businesses will promotion for goods and services, but the promotion is not simply a little less price can be, also requires detailed planning calculation, so as not to price promotions after sales rose, but finally sold more money.

This method

Second, higher than the original sale price or others sell.

is originally sold 100 yuan, 110 yuan to now for some promotions to sell or sell 100 yuan; the original, now had to cut prices to 90 yuan, but also sold 100 yuan; or, the same thing, others have sold 100 yuan, we sold 110 yuan, but also sell well.

need to increase the reason is very simple, because of the price war, because the product homogenization phenomenon is serious. But homogenization is exactly the catalyst of differentiation. In the homogenization of serious, we are selling the same thing, you sell things are not the same place, naturally stand out. This seems to be the product to be changed. Actually, I’m talking about the difference between marketing and packaging.

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