recently bahaba appeared in Taizhou a wholesale market of aquatic products, this fish is nearly 1 meters in length 7, according to the owners said that the fish worth millions, attracted numerous onlookers.

1 m 69 bahaba

"its length is 1.69 meters, width of 0.5 meters, weighs 48 kilograms, is a female." Huang Yunhui show a moment, quickly covered with plastic film fish, and then carefully put the ice evenly spread on top.

1 the market price of 1 million 500 thousand yuan

pounds of fish

"the Yellow codfish itself is very rare, so rare. Besides, the fish is full of treasure." Wenling, a founder of the traders told reporters, the fish meat prices in about more than 3 thousand dollars a pound, and its "fish" (FISH) is the most valuable, now a pound "isinglass market price in 1 million 500 thousand yuan," Huang Yunhui fish is so big, there must be more than 1 pounds of fish."

"fish" why so expensive?

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