optimistic about the business opportunities and environment in Fuzhou, Li Ruqin from Taiwan to this business, talk about the integrity of his conscience is the way to survive in business. Over the years, he opened a number of food and beverage brand with integrity and conscience, in Fuzhou firmly stop the heel.

"this is not too much loss?" Reporter questions. Li Ruqin ha ha a smile, in more than 1 hours of interviews, he used his entrepreneurial story will be a question mark straightened reporters.

the stay on the left now. Whether it is engaged in human resources management, modern agriculture, or catering, brand planning, Li Ruqin always uphold integrity and conscience to do things.

to start their own business entities, Li Ruqin is the integrity and conscience as the backbone of enterprise. In recent years, Rongcheng drink shop fast, because many poor, high consumption of food and collapse, Li Ruqin founded the "leaf dry" creative French restaurant chain in Fuzhou after the opening, all the ingredients are from Taiwan purchase, to meet stringent food quality requirements, the price is lower than similar food products, currently in the mainland has open 22 stores. At the beginning of November this year, he and partner in the square near the opening of the front of the Siamese restaurant: "drink shop" met blue friend "," Mapo Tofu "snack bar and buffet Hot pot shop," see you later "and also at a low price and good taste, won the city recommended

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