Suzhou is a second tier city, but since ancient times, "a paradise under Jervois" reputation, Suzhou is not only the cultural atmosphere and regional environment are very attractive, economic development is in constant progress by leaps and bounds in recent years. Here are the details of the new three board listed companies in Suzhou, we look at the following.

the latest statistical data of Suzhou city finance office, at the end of April this year, Suzhou three new board listed companies reached 303, the number of columns in Beijing, Shanghai, after Shenzhen, ranked fourth in the country, accounting for 35% of the province. Meanwhile, Suzhou three new board listed companies operating performance is good, the financing function is increasingly apparent, the gradual increase in the liquidity of the shares.

data show that by the end of 2014, Suzhou listed companies listed on the new board of 71. 2015, a significant increase in the number of listed companies, when the new listed companies 158, a total of up to 229. From 1 to April this year, Suzhou added three new board listed companies to the end of 4, a total of up to 303 listed companies.

"at present, the new three board listed companies in the city’s 10 districts to achieve full coverage. Among them, the largest industrial park, there are 70." City Finance Office of the relevant responsible person told the reporter, in 2014 three new board expansion to the country since, I have introduced the "Suzhou City, the new board listed companies three years of training plan" "Suzhou financial support for enterprise independent innovation action plan (2015 – 2020)" and other policies, and actively guide the development of enterprise growth by three new board market, in addition to has been successfully listed on the new board of the enterprises, the enterprises have more than and 200 reserve.

More than and 300 companies

Suzhou has listed three new board covering the SFC industry classification in 15 categories and 129 sub categories in detail, most manufacturing enterprises, up to 213, information transmission, software and information technology services, scientific research and technical services, construction industry, financial leasing industry. And business services, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management industry are involved, many are the industry’s first landing three new board. Like Xin Zhuang agricultural credit, the Bank of Lucheng, Chong Yuan futures are the first Futures Company in three new board listed companies, agricultural loans and rural banks.

303 listed company total share capital of 13 billion 100 million shares, an average of $43 million 360 thousand. Share size from 3 million to 400 million shares. Less than 10 million of the shares of the company has a total of more than $36, the company has more than 100 million companies." Reporters in the city finance office learned that, at present, these listed three new board of business performance is good, three new board financing function is also increasingly apparent.

according to the 2015 annual report of the data disclosed by the company, Suzhou three new board listed companies, nearly 80% of enterprises to achieve profitability, which has more than one million corporate earnings of more than $88, recommended by the 210 companies

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