each operator has its own set of operating methods, regardless of success or failure, the "business" always exists. Now, let’s get to know Zhang Ping’s business, which, of course, is a successful business. When I first opened the shop, I was in the middle of the village. The local customs, who completed a new house, next door neighbours, relatives and friends have come to congratulate congratulations.


is one of BAXI’s local housewarming banquet, home to celebrate, congratulate must not come empty handed, smoke and wine become an indispensable gift. The National People’s Congress to congratulate all will come to my shop to consult, what what a smoke wine, what gift, generally spend almost as much as possible to get the goods off, it is not the same, not agreed.

in the course of contacts, tobacco and alcohol can not be separated from the cast I operating in the neighborhood, next to a smoke cabinet essential wine shelf. The price of cigarettes from high to low in a row, give customers the feeling of a glance. Adjacent to the high and low liquor, health wine, red and white wine, beer, etc.. I also put these two shelves in front of the shop door, so that customers can see the entrance into the shop, a smoke and tobacco.

smoke is a kind of special commodity, to smoke Maihao, must take all kinds of wine in the wine that segment; seasonal promotions, often get on the surface yelling like a raging fire, liquor, smoke on a new stage in the imperceptibly, customers buy wine in intangible at the same time to buy cigarettes, wine the amount of smoke and no amount of life, few people only drink or smoke, the smoke is always greater than the sales of wine.

decades of operating experience told me that there is no good way to sell cigarettes. Give award to the lighter, customers buy other commodities also want, modeled on management will be a mess, the price may be a short period of time; and attract the attention of customers, but after the price of the goods have been unprofitable, if customers buy only promotional price, discount, and finally only peibenzhuanyaohe.

I run the smoke is the most powerful tactic is the brand, not out of stock. It sounds simple, but the simpler it is, the more difficult it is for others to do it. Do you think you can do it? Thinking about making a lot of money, ignoring earn a little money, what is the money into what, do not make money mostly do not ask. I do not, to adapt to different working customers, which requires us to deal with business, brand not out of stock.

I run the cigarette, never Diaojia nor assignment, according to tobacco prices unified configuration around the store, although the price lower than me, but often missing thatlittle customers in order to save a few cents, to no, disappointment is uncomfortable, have to come back, in the course of time, the customer will not he drinks the pot, the more is to send this to send it, the more annoyed customers, no good goods good price, price is not low, then he is not cheap you >

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