spring, people began to get busy, and the entertainment industry is also very busy recently, the annual Oscar awards ceremony will be held. Of course, this year on the small Li train can’t get Oscar "hunting gold" is of concern.

After the

from 1994 with "not the same as the sky" in the "retarded" performance, life for the first time won the best supporting actor Oscar Award nominated Leonardo · Dicaprio had in his 22 years of Oscar Oscar chase in the course of the harvest of 5 nominations. Although he is far from the history of Oscar to accompany the king of running, but he and the pursuit of the hard pursuit of the indissoluble bond of Oscar, has been known to the majority of fans.

however, from this year’s state, the small plum one day of hope. Whether it is reflected from the Oscar poll, or online voting and a few votes at the exposure of the sample, Leonardo · Dicaprio eventually became the eighty-eighth best actor Oscar, has basically become a foregone conclusion.

"from the awards at the beginning of the season he is an absolute leader posture, which he had previously competed for the Oscar never happened. But for many critical commentators, he was acting overexert awkwardness, disappeared in the recent performance, so this is a small plum emperor, has recommended

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