different times, the children’s toys will be different, the feelings will naturally have a lot of difference. For many 80, 90, the doll is almost accompanied by a standard childhood. A lot of girls, and even had such an attempt to give the baby to wear clothes, hair, and others do not like. But a lot of people try to stay in the stage of enjoyment.

Business professionals in non electronic

International Business School of Zhejiang Normal University College of economics and management, the freshman Sun Jingyao is not the same, she discovered the business opportunities, also operates a company named "deer of reservoir" Taobao shop. Sun Jingyao and her "not for sale"".

customers will buy the ordinary doll sent to Sun Jingyao’s shop, with her hands, and then return the dress looks. Sounds very puzzling, such a shop someone patronize it? Say it may be a lot of people do not believe, shop month turnover of more than 3000 yuan, the winter and summer break million. Circle of this career there is a call – to change the baby division, and play to change the makeup doll player, called the baby mother".

Sun Jingyao since childhood is very self willed


love Bobbi doll, when almost all her pocket money on Bobbi doll, bought a doll for full two large storage box.

Sun Jingyao in the second year of the high school embodies the most vividly, seventeen years old in the rainy season of youth, the little girl feeling "life is a piece of confusion," the absolute drop out, to travel, to find the direction of the eight. High school, she was a professor at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Wang Xiaojie strength of painting appreciation, recommended to enter the top 20 at University of Edinburgh; the same year, Sun Jingyao was admitted to the Department of University of Edinburgh smooth jewelry design, becoming the only one of the students China department.

did not expect that she actually chose to return home in the first half of the study, and now Wang Xiaojie is also a straight pity. However, Sun Jingyao does not regret: "still quite at a loss, do not know what they want in the end. At that time, walking in the streets of Edinburgh, suddenly felt that the world is so big, why should I drift with life?"

After returning home, missed the entrance examination of the arts, Sun Jingyao can only take the identity of liberal arts students to participate in the college entrance examination. This will not choose to continue her willful, soon after, she met a small circle in baby doll, big eyes, slender body, Sun Jingyao fell in love with this special doll, finally find their own love.

talking about changing the baby division, had to introduce a small doll named, this doll was born in 1972, short limbs, head and eyes are too large, some people are afraid but also put it down. At the beginning of the birth is not good, but the price is recommended in 1000

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