a good product, but can’t have a let consumers feel find everything fresh and new name, would be unable to create a higher level, so as to bring more wealth. So, want to open a business hot furniture store, naturally also need a good name. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a name. It’s important that we can master the relevant methods. So, what are the names of the furniture store?

is a kind of superior name. Such as the ancient emperor, the Minister of the leaders at all levels to inscribe the name. What are the names of furniture stores? When the name of the store will get no pleasure, because by the superior authority for business, is a special and practical use for intangible assets, how many people wish for.

two is the place names, places of interest, foreign names, serial number plus the sale of goods together named. Such as dumpling Museum, Chongqing, Fort west restaurant, Hot pot shop, Paris Classic Club Club, California beef noodle, the first department store, the third people’s hospital. The name of the furniture store, nature can refer to such a method.

three is based on the auspicious name. As a thriving and prosperous, happy and auspicious, happiness, prosperity, happiness, prosperity, peace, prosperous, thriving victory, harvest, satisfaction, youth, young and beautiful, they can be separated, such as prosperity shops, auspicious credit cooperatives, Ruyi grocery stores, Ping An insurance company can also take effect; a single word or collocation on each other to like million, nine, Yong, long, strong, long, often hard to achieve long-term, such as Acacia singing hall, wangfa shops, grocery wholesale department, Yongxing Bandung restaurant. What are the names of furniture stores? Simple and pleasant to listen to, one can give customers a sense of comfort, one can motivate and hope that the more the better the sale of their own pavement, the money came from.

four is the name of the upset, create new styles. To the name of the furniture store, if able to ingenuity, often spread throughout the ages, enduring. Such as Tianjin "Goubuli" full, "Quanjude" Roasted Duck, Beijing is well-known in the world of the time-honored, the country opened many stores, there are a lot of gourmet admiring a sinseong hoe.

anyway, so the furniture store has emphasized to give a more appropriate name, nature is to make the furniture store has a good development in the long run, this requires that we can hold in the name on the basis method, let the furniture store is more popular, so the business can be more popular.

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