wearing bras will increase the risk of breast cancer? NO

had a point of view, wearing a bra will squeeze the breast of the lymphatic system, leading to accumulation of toxins, leading to breast cancer, but has been overturned by various medical experts is unscientific. Regardless of the type of bra and tightness are not associated with the risk of breast cancer. But from the comfort of the daily wear time can be appropriately reduced. Those bold lazy sister paper in this winter you can be free!

will increase breast cancer risk? NO


has shown that women with breast implants are not at greater risk of breast cancer. But you have to look for a beautiful girl safe and reliable hospital oh!

30+’s chance of getting sick? YES

30+ women, regular breast examination, with age, the odds will rise. You also need to know before the 30 year old baby can reduce the prevalence of Oh, lady those who work, hurry!

smear antiperspirant will get breast disease? NO

had the American Cancer Society medical experts through more research did not confirm this view is correct, but because of its chemical composition is not recommended for daily use, it is not recommended for those sensitive woman, unless at the occasion can be used occasionally. Another armpit sweat and odor or from the inside is better!

little girl chest rate is low? NO

has a lot of information has pointed out that such a view, so that those who get a little sister chest psychological comfort! However, medical experts say the prevalence of breast cancer is not directly related to the size, but in the process of examination, the larger chest to be more complex! Of course, it is necessary to check on time and size! Little sister sister do not have luck.

caffeine causes breast cancer? NO

doesn’t actually prove that caffeine can lead to breast cancer, and some studies have shown that caffeine actually reduces the risk of getting sick!

women with a family history of breast cancer are more at risk? YES

the hectic pace of urban life, high pressure has threatened the health of women, and breast cancer has become the first killer of women. If parents, brothers and sisters had a breast disease, then the incidence rate will be higher than the average person twice, if there is any discomfort in the chest, please check and treat in time.

most breast lumps are malignant? NO

encourages you to develop a good habit of self testing, if you find a lump also do not be scared, because about 80% of women are benign tumors. However, we are encouraged to go to the hospital for further examination.

breast cancer can be prevented? NO

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