for the novice just started to shop, the purchase has become a big problem for them, the purchase also need to master some skills, especially online purchase, do not know how the quality of the physical. Therefore, online purchase must grasp prevention techniques, so as to enter into good, his shop business is good.

from the contact address to judge its authenticity. I see a lot of sales website, online NetEase album, propaganda that he is the wholesalers, manufacturers, but with only a mobile phone and QQ, with a fixed telephone at all, often scammers for fear of being penetrated identity, many only dare to leave a QQ or mobile phone number, because these are related to identity do not hang hook, easy to cheat liar guerrilla way, and can be replaced at any time for the next number of deception. In fact, as long as you have some basic knowledge of the people will know, a trading company, factory, or store wholesalers, generally have a fixed telephone, even if there is no fixed telephone, there will be a fixed address. If the other explanation due to various reasons, there is no fixed telephone, you can tentatively put forward to come to see the goods, ask each other to give you a fixed address, then the other or to a variety of reasons to shirk refuse to come to see the goods, can be 100% there is definitely a problem. A formal company or wholesaler, it is impossible not even a warehouse.

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