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now has a lot of people have a dream, but a lot of people because of funding problems, there is no way to start, but some small business began to receive their attention, thousands of dollars can start! So thousands of pieces of entrepreneurship can do what? Today Xiaobian a look at


1, a street vendor selling thousands of pieces of things such as jewelry, daily necessities and other gadgets or clothing, footwear and other goods, take the day, thousands of dollars can turnover.

2, thousands of stalls selling snacks, hot snacks such as breakfast buns, Steamed Buns spicy, barbecue, squid, Stinky tofu and the like, don’t put in a roadside store, low cost, a lot of people a good income, when business is good, such as holiday, a day can earn thousands of yuan.

3, service industries, such as help room, cell phone, etc., mainly with their own sufficient time in exchange for accumulation.

4, such as home economics services, do not need too much investment, only manual and simple skills. This does not require too much money in the beginning of the business, do a good job of publicity, you can provide some simple, such as cleaning appliances, sewer, simple water and electricity, etc..

5, the use of their knowledge or skills to provide some services, such as to make the birthday cake, Zhuo home wash, to help hair, bargaining, accompany the purchase (to help choose the clothes), with run etc..

6, marketing products. To see some of the sales of products to help manufacturers or general agent marketing (can be sold to retail or end consumers), this does not require funds.



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