in many Chinese in mind when it comes to Philippines, the deepest impression is the dried mango and the philippines. Chinese New Year holiday in Philippines after a period of experience and observation, the feeling of this country, the development of mobile Internet will have a lot of room for development. Following India, and even become the world’s next hot Internet start-ups.

holiday spent a total of two city, Manila and Puerto galera. Manila is the capital of Philippines, the political, economic and cultural center. While on vacation to Puerto Galera (Puerto Galera, hereinafter referred to as PG), is a famous diving world. Known as one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. Ordinarily these two places, is relatively developed economy areas. But the development of the Internet or I am very surprised.


is calling the locals

Internet and China gap is two times

said the capital city of Manila, and the port of PG, tourists are constantly, scenic areas, economic status relative to other places, the development of the Internet should not be too bad. But the development of the situation is still not optimistic.

4G network

Philippines Telecom

mobile phone industry is three, respectively, Globe, Smart and Sum, whether it is phone, SMS or network use, can according to the different needs of customers, can have a flexible package. China Mobile roaming automatically access Globe network. Peer friends bought a Globe 8G traffic card, valid for one month, 1000 pesos. 1:7 (exchange rate, equivalent to about 140 yuan, a local customer service staff monthly income of about RMB 1000).

as a whole, the 4G signal in these two places are very good signal coverage. But the speed is very unstable, sometimes there is a signal, obviously feel the speed drop, and even failed to send out WeChat. Local people do not recommend to the local mobile phone card recharge too much money, because the system is very unstable, often inexplicable deductions, and sometimes just recharge has not started, there is no balance.

WIFI hotspot

this is the head of the clan is also the fate of China’s mobile phone. Where to ask how many passwords. WIFI has become commonplace in china. But in Philippines, WIFI in the hotel restaurant although most, but they do not like domestic announced their own account and password, but to ask the waiter consultation, usually give a note, above a password, will take out. Although some restaurants have WIFI, but will not allow guests to use.

we are booked by airbnb in Manila, located in the center of the city, near the US embassy, the entire room is completely western style decoration, well-equipped, very comfortable. But can not find the WIFI account password. At the bottom of the router. Some of the more modern vehicles, such as

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