some shopkeepers like to haggle over, customers have their own can not bear to see the place, like bickering, such a store operation, will only let the customer churn more and more. I shop for more than 20 years. I think in daily business, if the retail household is too preoccupied, then it is easy to dispute with customers. In fact, we have to contact all kinds of customers throughout the year, retailers are difficult to follow their own unilateral idea to ask customers to regulate their words and deeds.

call for example, some customers into the store, the habit of left to see right. There are some customers love hands take this with that, then do not buy, but not the original material, everywhere, originally neat goods made out of order. This is not to treat customers with civilized behavior, I want to be able to be tolerant of retailers, treat them with tolerance. As customers certainly want to buy their own very affordable and practical things, not fancy, that there is always a little did not attract them.

as to pick up and put down, and take up this is very normal, even if there is no reduction, I think it should be a little tolerance. I spend some time to sort out, customers see we do, heart may feel guilty, they will in turn to buy something really a little feel shy! Perhaps inadvertently, made a business.

comment: if a store owner has a lot of restrictions on the customer, I am afraid that will only make customers feel uncomfortable, and therefore do not want to visit this shop. Customers repeatedly take goods to see, that they have the desire to buy. But in the end there is no purchase, indicating that there are some goods that do not agree with them. At this time, if the retail guide in time, may make a business. Even if it can not be done, when the customer will be free to put the goods, retail households do not angry angry, it will intensify contradictions, causing controversy. Let yourself a little tired, re organize the goods, on the one hand, better than the customer, to be neat, and may also move customers to make business.

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