is now talking about a low business, many people may think of opening an online shop. Indeed, if only from the point of view of the surface, to open a shop looks really is a small cost of choice, but also from the current situation of the development of the market point of view, open shop to make money faster, higher margins. So, open shop really low cost easy to make money?

how to ensure the timeliness of delivery?

even if you contact the entity with goods, but the goods will not be timely. The online retail, the need for the longest 12 hours, must be shipped, or customer complaints and poor evaluation will drown you. And since it is single again see the goods, must be accumulated to a uniform number to take, even got re issued, but also constantly on the run. Foot and cell phone fees, are not enough to earn you.

serious point, do any reliable network business, must be stocking, and stocking requirements, higher than the entity!

physical store goods, not goods is out of stock, customers have a choice. Entities selling goods, will not be posted on the number of sales and customer comments, customer choice will appear more random.

but in the network, there is a follow – up effect, and advertising and natural flow, but also the need for continuity. Network selling particularly well, comments are also very good, other customers will be more inclined to buy, so the product is not selling stock, which in network marketing, is a common sense.

if you do use a few flagship product advertising, import flow, then the stock would mean disaster.

and the natural flow of accumulation, but also need the best-selling product, if out of stock, it means a huge loss of flow and profits.

so, these requirements of network sales, you are destined to be more fully stocked, more accurate, and the need to follow the curve of the network sales, to determine the curve of your stock. If not, there must be a problem.

so, no matter the necessity and sufficiency of the stocking, the network is not lower than the entity. Moreover, in the supply chain management, the network needs more intelligent data analysis and management, in order to maintain good market!

Taobao deep into the sea, then go in and find a variety of cost pressures, all the unspoken rule out the rules, let you too busy to attend to all. Taobao is a besieged city, people are very hard to do, but people outside the city think that is the future.

to increase the gross margin……

electricity supplier is forced to do so, the general net profit of 10% can be said to be very, very good. As recommended

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