after graduate school, a lot of people will find a stable job to do, but not everyone is willing to work for others, master of law Stinky tofu selling business, become a millionaire, this is a true story, let’s listen to Wang Yong on entrepreneurial story.

1984, Wang Yong was born in Shandong, Binzhou. In 2005, Wang Yong graduated from Shandong University of Technology law school, with honors admitted to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, continue to pursue a master’s degree in economic law, and in 2012 obtained a master’s degree in law. Referring to Wang Yongshang, he was a teacher in the Graduate School of song teacher impressed: his professional performance is very good, but also simple enthusiasm.

2012  in June, Wang Yongshang, who had been looking for a good job ahead of time, made a new decision, he quit his job in Guangzhou for more than two months and returned to his hometown in Shandong. Although the family wanted him to have a decent job in Guangzhou, the real estate companies, 7000 yuan monthly salary is a lot, but Wang Yong felt too far from home, and parents are getting old, he is a child, so Wang Yong feel that they should be home to take care of their parents. Now, look back at the original choice, Wang Yong still feel no wrong.

can be returned to Shandong, Wang Yong ran more than a month of recruitment is still No. The employment of the king decided to open their own business, but it is easy to think, but it is difficult to do. Wang had no experience at all. He sold a lot of roast duck at the beginning. Just after the resignation of the few months is the most difficult time Wang Yong, when he was confused, can not find the direction of the future.

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