said that business people are articulate, so, not every business person however, business people are talking to, need to be able to take the initiative to speak, this will get more customers recognized, will help to store business development. The initiative is undoubtedly one of the skills needed to engage in a conversation.

"handsome, get up so early, you are a photography enthusiast? It’s hard to learn this, you’re so powerful!" Some time ago to take advantage of the good morning to take some pictures of the park, a morning of the eldest sister approached the road.

"you are……" I wondered. "We don’t seem to be very familiar……"

"I know you, you are the District, I just opened a supermarket across the District, that day you and your son in my supermarket to buy a lot of drinks and snack foods."

she said so, I think of it. A few days ago, the children’s school organized a spring outing in the evening and his son went to buy some food and drinks. I did not expect to set up a big sister eyes so sharp, one to recognize the. I sincerely said: "you really powerful! Business is so busy, there is time to exercise?" "The body is their own, I usually open the door after eight, only the free activities in the morning, otherwise, sitting there all day."

in the course of contacts, then up. From then on, I became a loyal customer of the supermarket.

take the initiative to find topics and customer chat, this is not nothing, is closer to a main means of guest relations, is also a kind of etiquette. For example, early in the morning to open the door and see a customer from your shop before you walk through, you see and did not see like, people will certainly feel uncomfortable. But if you take the initiative to face up to say hello: "brother, eat breakfast? Come and smoke a cigarette!" In this way, the effect is certainly not the same. Not only to be polite, shop business is even more so, if you’re unfailingly, on what basis people until you come here to buy anything?

business is good, and the operator’s speaking skills have a great relationship, after all, will not speak, but can affect the relationship between the operator and the owner. As the saying goes "business depends on the mouth, you can speak, will take the initiative and the customer will take the initiative to talk, greetings, can let a person feel the person is close to you. For example, the initiative approached the elder sister, I do not know her, but only occasionally to buy a thing, people will remember you, this also inadvertently shortened the distance between each other, also let the author become the supermarket "fans".

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