or on the way to becoming the official media reform "second shares".


following the "official first" listed, to enter the capital market news has attracted much attention, or on the way to becoming the "second media reform of state shares".

it is reported that Xinhua Shanghai IPO issue price set at 27.69 yuan per share, to raise net capital of RMB 1 billion 380 million yuan.

and will begin in October 18th purchase, purchase code named 732888, the purchase limit of 20 thousand shares, the issue price of $27.69 / share, the total number of shares issued for 51 million 900 thousand.


Xinhua ownership structure

in September 23rd this year, the evening, the China Securities Regulatory Commission website announcement, Xinhua first application was adopted, will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the near future.

prospectus shows that 2012-2014 year, respectively, Xinhua revenue 330 million yuan, $460 million and $630 million, net profit of $130 million, $160 million and $188 million.

Xinhua profit of the four major sources: online advertising business, information services, website construction and technical services business, mobile Internet business. Among them, the advertising business as the main source of income, 2012-2014, respectively, the contribution of Xinhua revenue 182 million, 290 million, 348 million.

network advertising business accounted for the total revenue, Xinhua 2012 -2014 was 55.19%, 63.67%, 54.96%, decreased significantly. Show its business operations increasingly diversified.


is closer and closer to the IPO, but compared to the people’s daily, Xinhua this road is not smooth.

2010 onwards, in accordance with the central requirements and Xinhua news agency party deployment, Xinhua by cultural institutions to the transformation of the Internet cultural enterprises, the implementation of enterprise operation. Until April 2011, was the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, the Central Propaganda Department and other three departments jointly identified as the transformation of cultural enterprises, which is an important step towards the market.

According to

reports, January 2013, first appeared in the Commission pending business list, IPO application has been accepted, was once given market price earnings ratio of 17.04 times.

due to coincide with the 2013 IPO was halted, more than 1 years from the time of January 2013, Xinhua IPO long closed state, until the year of June 27, 2014, the new network was re appeared in the IPO pre disclosure list.

update IPO pre disclosure materials show that Xinhua IPO intends to issue new shares 51 million 900 thousand shares, the total share capital of 2>

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