probably everyone has had such an experience in childhood, that is, when the mother in the kitchen buns, you will be curious about the dough can be a variety of tricks, and to create a variety of troubles for the mother. That childhood memories to think it will taste. Now, there is a snack food in the food and beverage industry.

bear hand bag Shihlin street from the island of Taiwan, in Singapore and Malaysia hot sales. After entering the Chinese mainland market, with its lovely shape quickly attracted the attention of people. Many stars have to try, drying out and bear hand bag Shihlin Street photo, Taiwan major super popular variety show was also featured on the Shihlin Street bear hand bag.

select high-quality flour, mix grain baking soft dough, and bear other people can not move eyes, our adorable pet into your eyes, let your mood and face with the bear in the hands of creative".

authentic Taiwan organic steak, more than ten kinds of choice can own heart collocation. Thick steak, moist, fresh fish, fresh chicken Pork Chop, combined with traditional cooking methods, to ensure that nutrition, release your taste buds.

more creative homemade sauces, with different eating styles, between the shuttle in the wrapper and Q elastic soft steak, bursting with innovative taste, layers of mix of the flavor taste experience.

Taiwan snacks snacks bear bag join advantages:

introduction of the production process in Taiwan, to retain the traditional color, fragrance, taste, adhere to one hundred stores such as taste! Innovative DIY optional mode, fashion with creative cuisine, hands and mouth move all HIGH up!

rich scientific collocation, meat crisp, refreshing taste of a variety of Vegetable & Fruit, multilayer, nutrition! Shihlin Street bears handbag delicious cheap, civilian price for the mass diners, only 8-15 yuan will be able to eat!

takeaway + flagship store, which stores, 30 thousand yuan to join 5m? -30m? Free arrangements! Technology will be a school, 7 days will be able to shop, 1-2 people are completely busy over, how much to sell how much! Free of charge to the headquarters to open facilities, all the ingredients to the store, business is not difficult to fire!

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