in recent years, a new hot pot catering investment projects began to rise, and that is rotating small hot pot. Rotating small hot pot join prospects? How much does it cost to join a small rotary hot pot? Let’s take a closer look at it!

Desktop mode of operation, not directly affected by the store area, 40 square meters to build a small fishing fun Hot pot shop, 24 hours all day long operation, convenient and quick, turn sets the rate is 3-4 times higher than the traditional Hot pot! Fun fishing small pot for different seasons of human physiological changes, the introduction of different seasons and the bottom of the soup package, so that the interests of small hot pot really no annual off-season.

see so much about fun fishing small Hot pot to join, you fond of it? This is suitable for a small cost of entrepreneurial projects is very suitable for investment now. Join the fun to catch a small hot pot, subvert the traditional hot pot restaurant business model, give you new opportunities for development.

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