tea ice cream by everyone’s attention and love, today’s people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm rising, the ice cream business is more attracted the attention of many people, tea ice cream to join the project more and more investors welcome. Select the project and site selection is the key, you want to know how to choose the right store? Here is the small series for you to join the tea ice cream store location analysis skills.

open tea ice cream franchise must quickly find close to consumer groups, to ensure a stable source of the place is worth to choose, also carey to investigate these are indeed not close to the consumer groups? Only the traffic convenience, the flow of people is the location close to the commercial center of consumer groups. Milk tea ice cream to join the chain where good? Therefore, in considering the address is close to the consumer groups, these two aspects must be considered.

is concerned about the development of the region, suitable for the area of the shop is not the problem of regional planning, milk tea ice cream to join the chain where good? If you do not have to face the problem of moving in a long time, it is possible to lose a fixed consumer groups. This is a serious loss for a new store. So, you need to take into account the regional planning issues when considering the store address.

tea ice cream to join the franchisee to see whether there is a mutual promotion of the project, milk tea ice cream to join the chain in which good? Such as shopping, one day down, there are food needs, so these can you take seriously to tourist development! Study nearby can promote each other in the industry, it can promote the mutual development in the future, in order to develop for a long time.

milk tea ice cream to join the chain where good? Finally, the operator should consider the surrounding economic environment in the site, the parking berth is sufficient, the rental price is very important, considering the price, these are the development in relation to their own career can stable. Also pay more attention to peers, peers, can not avoid the existence of competition!

milk tea ice cream to join the chain where good? What lots for open tea ice cream stores by joining these points can be, and in the actual location of the situation there are many factors that are difficult to estimate, so tea ice cream to join the on-the-spot investigation, franchisees in selected shops when serious investigation, a comparison is necessary,


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